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April Skin Care Tips While Quarantined

Practicing self-care is more important than ever: It helps us relax, and it’s a reminder to nurture and love ourselves. One of those ways is to continue or start a skincare routine. Spending so much time indoors is affecting our lives and our skin in multifaceted ways. We wanted to offer some skin care tips […]

Protect & Nourish Your Hands

  Nourish Your Hands with our DIY Recipe The outermost layer of the skin is of utmost importance as it helps protect us from environmental and external pollutants. The skin barrier or stratum corneum is the outer layer of the skin’s surface. It is chock full of cells and lipids (fat cells). It helps water […]

Healing benefits of Roses…

    If you received roses for Valentines day then, Before those lovely petals fall off, think about harnessing the healing properties of the rose with one of these magical beauty benefits…..     Moisturizer ~  the natural oils in rose petals act as a perfect moisturizer for any part of the body, while the […]

February is for Love…

    February is for Love… As is everyday, but with Valentine’s Day being February 14th, we celebrate love in all of it’s beautiful forms this month. Throughout history and still within psychology today, seven types of love have been studied by experts within both the soft and hard sciences. But, you don’t have to […]

Decadent Soak for Two

    Decadence.   It’s a beautiful word, yet for me, can conjure feelings of unattainability and opulence. So, when I booked the Decadent Soak for Two with a Hot Stone Enhancement, I looked up the definition of decadent to better understand where Soak Spa & Foot Sanctuary was coming from.   Decadent – a […]

This holiday season, enjoy the art of Lagniappe.

    Throughout Soak Spa & Foot Sanctuary, the art of lagniappe is a way of life, a mantra for all we do and give ‘a little something extra”.  Everyday, all year, the staff creates experiences that outshine expectations, with details that have been intentionally cultivated and perfected.    The first time I walked into […]

NOCO Style “Best of Day” 2019

  What matters is our guests. Our clients. Our friends.   And when those people, whom we strive everyday to provide a beautiful spa experience for, show their love and support by choosing us, we are more than grateful.   Then, when those same people show up and vote for us and shout about how […]

Why Shop Local?

Seems like a simple concept, right? Shop local, small businesses to support your community, your friends, your neighbors. But as the craze of holiday shopping sneaks up on us, those big box stores and online entities become more and more appealing. Local artists, restaurants, spas and boutiques thrive on your commitment to keep your money […]

It’s Time

November at Soak Spa & Foot Sanctuary It’s time! Time for the beautiful chaos of the holiday season. Being with family, enjoying friends, attending parties – the list goes on. And it can be a lot. In the midst of this, try to take care of yourself and those around you. The holiday season can […]

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