Create a Peaceful Space & Embrace Healing


Join us for a unique Foot Soak experience in our beautiful Foot Sanctuary where Copper bowls are filled with heated water and infused with essential oils, herbs, flowers, salts, milk, honey and other nourishing ingredients. Soak in the healing benefits of our specially blended foot soaks while enjoying a heated neck wrap and sipping on our warming ginger tea. Massage may also be incorporated to enhance your soaking experience and rejuvenate tired muscles. Our Foot Sanctuary is a communal space, please be aware of this when booking that we may have other guests in the same room as you while you enjoy your foot soak.

Bring a loved one, a friend, or come alone to immerse yourself in total relaxation and soak your cares away.

April Foot Soak Special

45 Min - $76 ($85 Value)

Turn your April showers into flowers, and soak your feet in our "Butterfly Pea Flower Tea" Soak blend. This soak includes Butterfly Pea flowers, dried lemons, Epsom and Sea Salts, lemongrass and Spearmint essential oils, and Lemon juice. During your soak you will be served ginger tea, and a heated neck wrap will be used to relax tight neck muscles. You will receive a therapeutic 20 minutes of head, neck & shoulder massage while your feet are soothed in our healing soak.