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Time spent getting a massage is never wasted.


We offer both individual and couple’s massage. Our couple’s massage suite creates a loving, balanced, and comfortable atmosphere to unwind and relax with a loved one. Experience the healing and restorative benefits of full body massage with a heated aromatherapy pack, a specially blended aromatherapy inhalation, and hot towel therapy on the feet to enhance your experience.

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Signature Massage

30 min – $55 | 60 min – $80 | 90 min – $120

A balanced combination of therapeutic and relaxing techniques will be applied to offer a sense of restoration.

Deep Tissue Massage

30 min – $60 | 60 min – $90 | 90 min – $130

Neuromuscular and connective tissue techniques along with hot towel therapy to help relax and ease muscle tension.

Hot Stone Massage

75 min – $110 | 90 min – $140

The use of warm basalt stones will enhance the healing of a soothing massage.

Hot Stone Massage with Deep Tissue

75 min – $120| 90 min – $150

Find even deeper relief for tight muscles through our Hot Stone Massage with Deep Tissue work.

Mom-To-Be Massage

60 min – $80 | 90 min – $120

This massage helps alleviate the stress pregnancy brings and will ease the strain on the back, legs, joints and neck.

Sinus Relief Treatment

30 min – $55

Get immediate relief from sinus pressure or headaches due to colds or allergies with a therapeutic massage. Lymphatic and pressure-point techniques are combined with our specially blended essential oil that includes eucalyptus, lemon and pine to open and clear blocked passageways.

Massage Enhancements

Aromatherapy – $10

Extended Face and Scalp Massage (15 min) – $15

Hand OR Foot Scrub (10 min) – $15

Hand OR Foot Shea Butter Masque (15 min) – $15

Hot Stones – $15

Scalp Energizer (10 min) – $15

Foot Soak Enhancement (15 min) – $15

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