Decadent Soak for Two





It’s a beautiful word, yet for me, can conjure feelings of unattainability and opulence. So, when I booked the Decadent Soak for Two with a Hot Stone Enhancement, I looked up the definition of decadent to better understand where Soak Spa & Foot Sanctuary was coming from.


Decadent – a person who is luxuriously self-indulgent



I want to feel luxurious and self-indulgent, if only for 90 minutes.

Having committed to loving myself and paying attention to that inner-voice that screams at me to REST, this definition and this foot soak package obviously came to me at just the right time.


Actually, it came to us, as it was a session for two, and my partner needed the time as much as I did. A reprieve for the both of us, to energetically connect and rest at the same time. 


And so we did.

Led to the foot sanctuary by our individual therapists, my partner let out an audible “wow” as we entered the space. The peace and beauty of the room instantly wraps you up, shifting you into a different state, full of stillness and awareness.

Time to experience decadence. 

The big copper foot soak bowls were waiting for us, perfectly temperate water, filled with orange, lavender, ylang-ylang, cedarwood, and bergamot essential oils. Combined with Epsom and Sea Salts, rose petals, and orange slices, the bowls and the aroma were stunning. Dipping our feet into the bowls, having weighted, heated neck wraps placed on our necks and shoulders, we were left to soak and quietly be with each other.

For 30 minutes we soaked. Some talking, mostly quiet, as we settled into the beautiful chairs and room. The dim, calming light, the soft colors and artwork, the palatial blankets, all made us sink into the moment. 

After the initial 15 minutes of foot soak, our water was again warmed up and the shoulder, neck, and scalp massage began. That’s when the room became even more still and quiet, as we were individually getting heightened attention to our muscle tension and fatigue. I even was asked if I wanted a little facial massage, which I happily accepted (who knew your jaw could be so tight!).

Of course those 30 minutes went by so quickly, but thankfully we were not done. Onto the next 30 minutes – lower leg and foot massage, all with delicious Shea butter and hot stone enhancement. After soaking, our feet and legs were ready to accept that healing touch, the tightness melting away, the stones drawing out tension.

Truly decadent.

A total of 90 minutes of decadence.

And who isn’t ready and deserving of this decadence? We all are. And to enjoy it with a loved one, a friend, family, a partner, only heightens the experience. Bonding over peace and tranquility is magical.

Get decadent. Be decadent. If only for those 90 minutes.


Decadent Soak for Two with Hot Stone Enhancement – 90 min – $235 per couple ($260 Value per couple)

An incredibly sensuous Soak for the perfect Romantic Date Night! A heated neck wrap relaxes your shoulders while you enjoy a 30 min foot soak including Orange, Lavender, Cedarwood, Ylang-Ylang and Bergamot essential oils combined with Epsom and Sea Salts, Rose Petals and Orange slices to soothe and soften your feet. A 30 minute shoulder, neck and scalp massage is followed by a 30 minute lower leg and foot massage with decadent Shea Butter and hot stones* to relax and soothe tight muscles. This is a Unique Date Night experience that is guaranteed to set the mood for the rest of the evening!