Healing benefits of Roses…



If you received roses for Valentines day then,

Before those lovely petals fall off, think about harnessing the healing properties of the rose with one of these magical beauty benefits…..



  • Moisturizer ~  the natural oils in rose petals act as a perfect moisturizer for any part of the body, while the natural sugars make rose water or lotion soothing enough for even sensitive skin.




  • Sunscreen  ~ the high amounts of naturally occurring Vitamin C in rose petals makes for a great sunscreen base, mixed with your choice of bases.




  • Anti-Acne  ~ rose petals have wonderful antibacterial properties, making them perfect for fighting acne, calming redness, even helping eczema and psoriasis.   




  • Mood Elevator  ~ when soaked in a warm bath (or footsoak!), rose petals can ease anxiety as it aids in detoxing and calming the nervous system. This also can lead to better sleep!



Rose petals don’t just make the foot soaks at Soak Spa & Foot Sanctuary look pretty. There are countless reasons that we use them, all revolving around the fact that nature is perfect, we just have to know what to do with it.


So, maybe you have roses after celebrating the day of love. Turn those petals into rose water, rose lotion, or rose oil. 


That’s true love. 

Soak Spa offers a lovely Hydrating Facial with a Rose & Lavender infused foot soak along with 15 min foot and lower leg massage, warm foot booties on your feet and a 60 min Signature Facial. We promise you and your skin will look and feel rosey…