Soak Spa offers a range of natural skin and body care products along with soy based candles, essential oils, diffusers and other gift items. We research and purchase our products carefully, and embrace offering local products from local companies in Colorado. Many of our products contain regenerating ingredients including fruit and vegetable enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and active botanicals.

Soak Spa Shop, LLC

At Soak Spa & Foot Sanctuary we strive to be as holistic as possible with both our services and goods that we offer to our clients.

We have recently launched a line of hand-crafted products that are all made in house by our staff. We have carefully chosen the ingredients that go into our products so you can feel confident in the products you are choosing.

Our new line includes our Soak and Awaken essential oil blends, body/room sprays to energize and uplift, whipped Shea butter infused with essential oils to hydrate dry and tired skin, and sachets of foot soak blends with their own tiny bottles of essential oils to indulge in a foot or body soak at home.

Aglow Candles

We're a family that believes in traditions. In 2017, we discovered that the creators of the best candles we'd ever tried was closing up shop. So, we had two potential options. First, we could buy an insane amount of candles from their last production run, as if we were preparing for an apocalypse. That way, we'd never run out of that delicious Vanilla Cinnamon scent that came to define the smell of our Wisconsin home. Or, we could pursue the more adventurous route. We could carry on their tradition, learn the formulas from the source, and bring Aglow soy candles into more homes around the world. We decided to purchase the business and keep the flame burning.

Hand pouring is our craft. By producing small batches in our Fort Collins, Colorado workshop, we ensure each one-of-a-kind candle fills a room with a lingering scent that mass produced candles can't replicate.

Ambrette Jewelry Designs

Ambrette is a local artist named after the Ambrette seed, which grows into the abelmosk flower. She is inspired by nature and collects natural and found materials that tell a story and create inner dialog. She creates jewelry and art to share with others in hopes to bring beauty and love through connection.

Christie Leighton Jewelry

Christie Leighton has always loved jewelry and has been creating it for 15 years. She uses sterling silver, semi-precious gemstones and leather to create her jewelry. Christie experiments with color, shape and texture to design her jewelry. Christie's goal is for her jewelry to be classic, enduring and items her customers will wear often.
You can shop her assortment of earrings and wrap bracelets at Soak Spa. Check back often as Christie frequently changes out her pieces for new ones.

Golden Poppy


At Golden Poppy Herbal Apothecary and Clinic we strive to provide the highest quality herbal products you can find in Fort Collins, with a focus on organic and local goods. We also pride ourselves in offering sound, fact-based, herbal and nutritional advice to our clients so that they know they will leave their consultation with a way to regain their health.

All of our products are made in house from mostly organic and only-natural ingredients. We don't use any harmful chemicals, preservatives, or additives.

Our philosophy is that if you wouldn't eat it, you shouldn't put it on your skin.

Rene' Dillon Designs



Rene's heat packs are lovingly crafted by hand using rice or flax seeds for filling, cotton fabrics, essential oils like lavender, rose, vanilla and peppermint can be added upon request.


Bio Therapeutic - Ultrasonic Cleaning Brush

Powerful and portable, this sonic cleansing brush is ideal for both home and professional use. Water resistant and engineered for everyday use, its ergonomic shape is comfortable in the hand, while its triangular cleansing head is thorough and gentle on your skin as the antimicrobial and antibacterial Azul silicone bristles cleanse areas that other brushes simply can't reach. The bt-sonic is fun to use, provides a professional quality cleansing in as little as 2 minutes, and leaves your skin feeling smooth and radiant. Pair the bt-sonic with our CLEANSE to achieve outstanding results. Dull days are over.

IPX6 water resistant: The highest level of water resistance that can be achieved. 45% more water resistant than before.
Can be used in any environment including the shower.
High performance tactile button.