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Spa Membership


Soak Spa & Foot Sanctuary’s Monthly Spa Membership is a program designed for those seeking to embrace wellness, immerse themselves in relaxation, and find tranquility without being locked into a long-term commitment. We offer three programs for guests to customize their ideal Soak Spa & Foot Sanctuary experience. All service times reflect the true hands-on time of your session.

Our selection of holistic spa services begin with being served our signature ginger tea and a light snack. Robes and sandals are provided with our spa packages and foot treatments in our Foot Sanctuary. Treatments include aromatherapy inhalations, scented rice/flax packs to relax sore muscles, warm foot booties with every facial, and feet are wrapped in hot towels to conclude your spa services.

All Levels of Membership Include:

  • $65 Gift Certificate: Members may purchase ONE gift certificate per month at $65 to be redeemed by a friend or family member for a Signature 60 minute service.
  • 10% off all retail products (excluding ProCell and Sculplla products)
  • 15% off all additional services received by the member. Discount my not be combined with any other discounts or monthly specials.

Soak in Wellness

$65/month – Includes ONE of these services monthly

  • Signature Massage 60 min – $80 value
  • Energy Healing Session 60 min – $80 value
  • Signature Facial 60 min – $80 value
  • Face Reality Acne Treatment 60 min* – $80 value
  • Shea Butter Wrap or Seasonal Body Scrub 45 min – $75 value

*Only available for clients who have signed Face Reality program contracts.

Submerge in Relaxation

$85/month – Includes ONE of these services monthly, plus your choice of ONE
massage or facial enhancement

  • Signature Massage 75 min – $100 value
    • Hot Stone Enhancement – $15 value
    • Body Aromatherapy Enhancement – $15 value
  • Energy Healing Session 90 min* – $115 value
  • Deep Cleanse Facial 75 min – $100 value
    • Collagen Eye Enhancement – $15 value
    • Collagen Lip Enhancement – $15 value

*Includes 15 minute consultation

Saturate in Tranquility

$115/month – Includes ONE of these services monthly, plus your choice of TWO massage enhancements or ONE facial enhancement and program perks

  • Signature Massage 90 min – $120 value
    • Body Aromatherapy Enhancement – $15 value
    • Hot Stone Enhancement – $15 value
    • Scalp Energizer – 10 min – $15 value
    • Hand or Foot Scrub – 10 min – $15 value
    • Extended Face and Scalp Massage – 15 min – $15 value
    • Foot Soak Enhancement – 15 min – $15 value
  • Energy Healing Session 120 min* – $150 value
  • Hydrating Facial 90 min**  – $135 value
    • Collagen Eye Enhancement – $15 value
    • Collagen Lip Enhancement – $15 value
  • Advanced Skin Treatment with Signature Facial – $130 value:
    • Choose one – Microdermabrasion, Ultrasonic, Dermaplaning, or Chemical Peel
      • Collagen Eye Enhancement – $15 value
      • Collagen Lip Enhancement – $15 value
  • Seasonal Body Scrub and Shea Butter Wrap – $150 value
  • Seaweed Wrap 90 min***  – $150 value

*Includes 15 min Breathe or Meditation foot soak enhancement and 15 min consultation

**Includes 15 min Peaceful foot soak enhancement

*** Includes 15 min detoxifying foot soak enhancement

The Fine Print

Charges and Billing

Spa Memberships are auto-billed monthly, to the client’s credit card on file, on the 1st or the 15th of each month. This information is kept securely on file for future transactions on the client’s account.

Membership services are available Monday-Sunday, based on availability. Membership prices cannot be combined with any other offer. If you are unable to redeem your monthly membership within 60 days, your membership will automatically be frozen and your account will be credited with any unused membership vouchers.   A total of two unused service credits will roll over and may be redeemed during another month; these credits are available for 1 full year before expiring. Client has the option to freeze their program for up to 60 days; if program remains frozen for more than 60 days, this will constitute a cancellation. If the Membership is cancelled, any unused service credits may be redeemed for 60 days following cancellation before credits are forfeit.

If Membership is cancelled less than 3 days prior to the next auto-billing date, Soak Spa Shop, LLC reserves the right to charge one final payment to the client’s credit card on file. Upon receipt of completed cancellation form, Soak Spa Shop, LLC agrees to cancel the Monthly Spa Membership agreement and auto-billing within 3 business days of the “Date of Cancellation Request.”

Exclusions and Details

Wellness Program’s 15% off additional services may not be used on Monthly Specials, Spa Packages or on any other services that are already discounted. The 15% off additional services may only be used on full-priced services received by the membership holder.

Deep Tissue may be added to any level of massage program for an additional $10 per service. Hot Stone Full Body may be added to “Submerge” or “Saturate” level massages for an additional $20 per service. Neither the Deep Tissue nor the Hot Stone Full Body qualify for discount.

Cancellation and Refunds

This contract can be cancelled within 3 days after the date of signature. You may do so by notifying Soak Spa Shop, LLC in writing via email or mail within the 3 day time period. Any payments made prior to cancellation will be refunded to you within 10 days of notification.
Notice to cancel Wellness Program must be given in writing, using the Cancellation Form available at the Spa or Spa website. Cancellation will be effective 30 days following notice to Soak Spa Shop, LLC. As a Wellness Program customer, you may cancel at any time or for any reason. Member will be billed one more month after giving notice. Member has 60 days to use unused credits. Cancellation of the contract may also occur under the following conditions: death or disability of the customer, permanent relocation of more than 50 miles from the Spa location, or Soak Spa Shop, LLC going out of business. This cancellation will relieve customer of any obligation of said contract.

Gift Certificate Purchases

One gift certificate may be purchased per month for $65 ($80 value) to be redeemed for a 60 minute Signature Massage or 60 minute Signature Facial by a friend or family member. No enhancements are included in the gift certificate purchase. Gift certificates are valid for one calendar year before expiring.

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