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Beautiful skin requires commitment. Not a Miracle…

Auspect Chemical Peels

Choose from a great selection of power peels, with products that achieve results without any of the nasty ingredients. Safe and effective, these services deliver clinical results. A preparatory regimen is advised to get the best results. Allow for a thorough consultation before your first peel. A series of three or six peels is recommended for best results with a 10% discount being offered when you pre-pay for three or 15% discount when you pre-pay for six treatments.

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Add any peel to a facial service

15 min – $40

This is in addition to the time and cost of the original service.

Age-Defying Peel

30 min – $70

Alpha and beta hydroxy acids from red wine extracts and organic cocoa resurface skin to perfection.

Color Correction Peel

30 min – $65

Visibly restore your complexion to a smoother, more even appearance. Alpha and beta hydroxy acids lift away accumulated layers of dull, discolored cells.

Detox Peel

30 min – $65

Combines the powerful skin renewal action of alpha and beta hydroxy acids, to calm and perfect skin. Great for oily, acne-prone skin, helps clarify blackheads and ingrown hairs.

Quick Fix Peel

30 min – $60

Ideal for hypersensitive complexions and rosacea. AHA Lactic, with Niacinamide. Lactic Acid is an excellent skin renewal and collagen building agent. (All Skin Types)

Vita-A Metabolic Peel

30 min – $80

Reduce fine lines, rough texture, visible pores, and return a luster to your skin. A retinoid-mimicking blue micro-algae, with milk derived L-Lactic Acid and botanical calmatives work in tandem to deliver spectacular anti-aging results.

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