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Foot Soak Packages

The Foot Sanctuary is a tranquil space where guests can gather and share in a truly unique spa experience centered around our healing and nourishing foot soaks. Feet are enveloped in hot water infused with only the highest quality salts, organic herbs, flowers, and essential oils while sipping on our signature ginger tea, relaxing with a heated neck wrap, and enjoying shoulder, neck, scalp, foot, and lower leg massages to soothe and rejuvenate the mind, body, and spirit.

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Sound & Vibrational Healing Foot Soak Events

45 min – $76 ($85 Value)

Join us for one of our unique Sound & Vibrational Foot Soak Events November 18th & 25th or December 9th, 23rd & 30th from 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm.

Sound & Vibrational healing has been around for centuries. Proven to reduce blood pressure and induce relaxation, it is also used as a meditation tool. Allow our certified Vibrational & Sound Healing practitioner to guide you into a deep meditation state.

You will be bathed in vibrational sound while you indulge in foot relaxation as well. Listen to crystal, vibrational and Tibetan sound bowls while soaking in our Meditation Foot Soak blend with Essential oils. A heated neck wrap will help relax tight neck muscles while you soak and sip ginger tea. This 45 min experience will surely bring harmony to your mind and body.

An Optional enhancement of a dessert tart from Retreat Bakery to expand your experience. An additional fee would be charged.

Limited seating – total of eight guests. $10 deposit to hold your reservation.

Spirit & Sole Soak

45 min – $85

This grounding foot soak provides a profound sense of peace, understanding and connection. It begins with soaking your feet in our beautiful copper bowls with our Breathe blend which includes vetiver & clary sage essential oils, with Epsom and sea salts, and hibiscus flowers. While soaking, your neck will be wrapped with a heated pack and you will receive 20 minutes of Reiki and energy healing techniques. Crystals, vibrational bowls, and sounds are incorporated into this grounding foot soak to center and cleanse away stress.

*Group Experience* For groups of 3-4, guided meditation for the group + 10 min of Reiki per person. Groups of 4 will have their time extended to 1 hour.

Guided Meditation Soak

45 min – $85

This deeply relaxing meditative foot soak offers a unique experience in our zen foot sanctuary! It begins with soaking your feet in our beautiful copper bowls with our grounding Meditation blend which includes sea, Epsom and pink Himalayan salts, lavender and helichrysum flowers, and frankincense, sandalwood and rose essential oils to relieve stress and promote a complete feeling of relaxation and peace. While soaking, your neck will be wrapped with a heated pack and you will be guided in 30 minutes of meditation. Crystals, vibrational bowls, and sounds are incorporated into this grounding foot soak to center and cleanse away stress.

Sole Full Delight

60 min – $110

Delight in a refreshing 20 min soak of Epsom and Sea Salts, Rose Petals, and seasonal essential oils, followed by a seasonal sugar or salt scrub to invigorate your feet. This foot soak service includes our Seasonal scrub. After gently exfoliating, the skin is hydrated with a decadent seasonal Shea butter foot masque. While receiving a 10 min head, neck and shoulder massage your feet will soak up a moisturizing Shea butter foot masque. This delight is followed by a 20 min foot and lower leg massage with hot stones to help relieve tension and improve circulation.

Momma Harmony

60 min – $110

This comforting and soothing treatment is a must for MOM-TO-BE! This service begins with a lovely specialty tea blended for pregnant Mommas. Your foot soak will include a blend of Epsom and Pink Himalayan Salts, Post-Partum Bliss Tea, Rose and Lavender Petals infused with lavender and rose essential oils. A 20-min shoulder, neck, and scalp massage will be followed by a 20-min lower leg and foot massage with Shea Butter to offer much needed relief to those tired, achy feet. A special gift is included!
*Second & Third Trimester Only

Decadent Soak

90 min – $145

Enjoy a heated neck wrap while soaking your feet for 30 minutes in a blend of Epsom and Pink Himalayan Salts, Rose Petals and Orange slices combined with Orange, Lavender, Cedarwood, Ylang-Ylang and Bergamot essential oils to soothe and soften your feet. Your feet will then be wrapped in a decadent Shea butter masque and warm towels. This is followed by a 20 minute shoulder, neck, and scalp massage, and your session concludes with a 30 minute foot and lower leg massage. Savor this bliss while sipping a cup of our Signature Ginger Tea.

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Call (970)377-9868 or go online at https://login.meevo.com/soakspa/ob?locationId=201972 to book your appointment.

*Disclaimer: Monthly Specials will be available for purchase as gift certificates starting on the first of each month and may be redeemed for the selected special through the end of the following month. After this date the gift certificate is redeemable for the dollar amount spent. The gift certificate may be redeemed up to five years after the purchase date.

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