NOCO Style “Best of Day” 2019


What matters is our guests. Our clients. Our friends.


And when those people, whom we strive everyday to provide a beautiful spa experience for, show their love and support by choosing us, we are more than grateful.


Then, when those same people show up and vote for us and shout about how much they appreciate Soak Spa & Foot Sanctuary we become overwhelmed with gratitude.


That’s what just happened. A win, an acknowledgement that we are providing the Northern Colorado community, and beyond, with exceptional spa services. 


Every year, NOCO Style Magazine gives the public the opportunity to nominate and vote for their favorite small businesses throughout Northern Colorado. A few months ago we found out that you nominated us for Best of Day Spa, and we celebrated! To be seen as a contender next to so many wonderful day spas in the area was exciting. 


Then, not long ago, we got the call. Our passion for holistic spa treatments was recognized and voted in as the #1 Best of Day Spa. Thousands of votes were cast over several months, and our locally-owned, female-run spa came out as Northern Colorado’s favorite.


Winning this honor is incredible, but what matters is your perception, you seeing us for what we are. Seeing the care and intention that we place into every detail, every service. Lagniappe – “a little something extra” – is our mantra, and knowing that our guests feel that is what matters.


At Soak Spa & Foot Sanctuary we believe in creating a peaceful oasis where harmony, healing and wellness go hand-in-hand. Our commitment is to provide relaxation and joy as well as alternative spa therapies  for the body, mind and spirit of those we touch.”


Soak Spa & Foot Sanctuary is a tranquil gem located in Fort Collins. The holistic day spa provides a wide range of therapeutic spa treatments including facials, advanced skin care, acne treatments, massage, a zen couples suite, alternative therapies including reflexology, cranial-sacral, reiki and a very unique Foot Sanctuary—which offers a shared spa experience where guests can receive foot soaks in beautiful copper bowls along with massage enhancements. Dedicated, nurturing and skilled therapists. Relaxation, peace and joy!


Thank you for allowing us to serve you. And thank you to NOCO Style Magazine for highlighting the small businesses all through Northern Colorado that make our community so special.

Be well.