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Soul Soak: Energy Healing Foot Soak | Friday, May 17th From 6-7 pm

This spiritually uplifting experience combines guided meditation with an individual energy healing session while indulging in a deeply nourishing foot soak.

May is National Recommitment Month, which is a great time to look back at all the goals and resolutions you made for yourself at the New Year. Whether it was to get massages regularly, drink more water, hit the gym three times a week, eat less processed sugar, or plant a garden that really grows, chances are you have gotten busy with outside commitments and you haven’t made time for yourself lately. If so, it’s time to recommit yourself.

Be centered by Reiki and grounded in our Meditation soak blend, which includes Sonoma, Epsom and Himalayan salts, lavender and marigold flowers, and frankincense, sandalwood and rose essential oils to relieve stress and promote a complete feeling of relaxation and peace.

This group soak will be offered every month, excluding August.

Private parties of 3-4 may also book the Soul Soak for a truly unique team building or mindfulness experience.

60 minutes for $45

Beth is a certified Usui Reiki Therapist, intuitive energy healer, meditation guide, yoga instructor, & extreme enthusiast for helping people see the power they hold to heal from within. Beth has been working with the connection between the mind, body, and spirit for over 11 years. She’s always had a strong passion for understanding the human condition and how to create peace within for each individual. Working with natural forms of guidance and healing Beth uses Reiki energy, “Rei” (Universal) “Ki” (Life Force Energy) to balance, relax, restore, refresh, and renew each client. Her goal is to help you feel your best and to live your best life possible using the tools she has accumulated throughout many years of study and practice.

*Disclaimer: Space will be very limited, so be sure to call and reserve your spot. This event will be held monthly in our healing Foot Sanctuary space. We do require a minimum of three guests to hold the event. If there are not at least three people signed up by 24 hours in advance, we would be more than happy to transfer your reservation to our next class or to a private class.


Class Dates for 2019

January 18 | February 22 | March 29 | April 26 | May 17 | June 21 | July 19

August – No Class | September 20 | October 18 | November 15 | December 20

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