NOCO Style’s Best of 2019


Shopping local matters.

Leaving reviews on Facebook, Yelp, Google, etc. when you have a great experience matters.


Spreading the word about a kind small-business owner or great customer service at your favorite spa matters.


Make it a point to meet the owners of any local boutique or cafe that you enjoy. Your opinion matters.


Owning and operating a storefront, no matter the specialty, is a true leap of faith and bravery. These men and women are putting their passions on display for their community to hopefully accept and commend and enjoy. They work tirelessly to serve their neighbors, and get pure joy from each purchase and every interaction. 

It’s connection. Connecting the community through artisan goods and local food and intentional foot soaks. Creating a thriving economy in every part of a town or city.


Supporting our neighbors and building a community-centered economy can be done in various ways. Frequenting the businesses is of course an important one, but there are plenty of opportunities to do so without spending money. Those reviews, both virtually and in-person, are essential. And right now a well-known review on a bigger scale is happening that could truly elevate your favorite local businesses.


NOCO Style Magazine, a locally published magazine that highlights all of Northern Colorado, has been hosting a “Best Of” Survey for the past few years, and locally-owned businesses anticipate nominations every September. Residents and customers and supporters from all over can vote for their favorites online, while shops have fun with the month-long survey, running contests of their own to go along with the nomination.

Currently Soak Spa & Foot Sanctuary is asking for the community’s vote for “Best of Day Spa”.In honor of their nomination, the owner, Melissa Stewart, created an incredible spa package, “Embrace Calm”, which includes a 60 minute massage AND a 60 minute facial. This custom creation can simply be won by sending in a picture of your vote. A simple way to support this spa that always offers a little something extra.


Go vote! There are hundreds of our community members involved in this survey that will appreciate and possibly jump for joy at each vote and each sweet comment. Spread the word, and spread the survey. 


Melissa Stewart, owner of Soak Spa & Foot Sanctuary, thanks you for your vote, as I’m sure all of the others throughout Northern Colorado do as well. 


Now, time to win that spa package……