7 Steps to Pure Bliss


7 steps to pure bliss……



  • Open the door to Soak Spa & Foot Sanctuary and be greeted by the calming environment and the gentle staff.




  • Be led down a hallway while taking in the delicate aromatherapy, perfect lighting, and local artwork.




  • Be seated in the tranquility room to center yourself, begin your experience, and be served a beverage and healthy treat. Start to sink into your surroundings.




  • Meet your therapist, discuss the service you’re about to receive, along with your needs and expectations, then be shown to your treatment room.




  • Know that a full hour (or more!) awaits. Take the moment to tell your therapist what you need and ask all the questions.




  • Enjoy. Whether that’s a signature foot soak, a luxurious massage, or healing energy session, know that this time is for you. The nurturing you have scheduled is important.




  • Take another moment to feel what you’ve just experienced. Before leaving the room (and you won’t want to!), focus on how the facial or the Reiki or the soak has made you feel. The stress has left, skin feels soft, feet and muscles are relaxed. Carry that with you throughout the rest of the day.