My Journey to Clear Skin: Final Results

my journey to clear skin part 3

If you’ve been following my journey to clear skin since the beginning, this is the post you’ve been waiting for. It’s definitely the post I was most excited to write – the post sharing my final results. (Missed any of my journey? Get caught up here before you finish reading today’s piece!)

As I’ve shared with you all, my skin hasn’t been 100% clear of acne since I was in my teens. For years, I’ve been extremely self-conscious about my face. I developed a habit of covering my chin with my hand while speaking to people to block my acne from view – a habit that, through the holistic acne treatment program at Soak Spa, I learned actually contributed to more breakouts. I never went anywhere without concealer in my pocket, my purse, and my car. (Yes, I had three – or more – concealers stashed in various places simultaneously. Not. Cheap.)

After 90 days of changing my habits, using a regimen and products designed to clear my skin and getting personalized skin treatments from Soak Spa acne expert, Melissa, here is the photo we’ve all been waiting to see – my final results:

Final results after 90-day acne treatment program at Soak Spa

I know, right?! I can’t even believe this is my real skin. This is my real face, with no foundation or concealer. At my most recent treatment, both Melissa and I were a little teary about my results, especially in comparison to where I started:

Before (left) and after (right) – what a difference!

Ninety days. I spent twenty years fighting the acne on my face; feeling frustrated and depressed about the fact that nothing worked. It took a 90-day journey with the right people, the right products, and the right regimen to clear my skin.

Y’all – I left my house today WITHOUT ANY FOUNDATION OR CONCEALER ON MY FACE! I went to Target without any makeup on (okay, my eyes were done – but that was it)! I honestly do not remember the last time I was able to do this without feeling incredibly self-conscious. No joke; I might have been a child the last time.

The difference in how my skin looks – and feels – is, no exaggeration, life-changing. Here’s how clear skin has already impacted my life:

  • My self-confidence has skyrocketed
  • I’m much less conscious of my face in public
  • More spontaneous photos with my kiddos
  • No more running to a mirror to check my concealer
  • No more fingers or hands at my face, blocking my chin from view
  • I have one concealer, used for the occasional breakout, that I bought in July…it’s mostly full
  • I’ve saved a ton of money, now that I don’t have to buy foundation and concealer all the time – and the Face Reality products have lasted me throughout my entire 90 days
  • I don’t feel disgusted when I see my reflection in a mirror or photo of myself

In trying to put my thoughts and feelings into words for this piece, I found myself writing, “grateful”, “unbelievable”, and “incredible” a lot. I think these are the most accurate descriptions of my experience throughout these three months. When Melissa and I first discussed the holistic acne treatment program, she assured me that, if I followed the protocol, I would have amazing results. I have to be honest, I didn’t totally believe that my skin would be clear in 90 days. But I trusted her, and I trusted the program – so much so, that I promised to share my experience with the world, even taking photos of my face in all its inflamed spotty-ness. Taking these photos without any foundation or concealer on my face every week was difficult – posting them online is the epitome of vulnerability for me. But I trusted Melissa, and I trusted the program. I implemented the changes and the results speak for themselves. I am incredibly grateful to her for taking me on this journey.

So, that’s my journey. If you’re suffering from acne and feel like your skin will never be clear, I hope these posts have helped you to see that you’re not alone – and that there is hope. Don’t wait a second longer – get yourself scheduled for your consultation with a Soak Spa acne expert today. In 90 days, you will be so very glad you did.

Thanks for following along with me on my journey to clear skin.