My Journey to Clear Skin: Part Two

my journey to clear skin part 2

Hello, again – I’m back to recap my first month of focused and customized acne skin care with Soak Spa. If you missed my first post, introducing myself and sharing the start of my journey to clear skin, you can find the post here.

First customized treatment

Part of the holistic acne treatment program at Soak is customized skin treatments every two weeks. During these treatments, Soak Spa’s acne expert will check my skin to determine what  it needs at that time, and deliver the needed treatment. For my first treatment, acne expert Melissa Stewart decided my skin would benefit from a chemical peel. Chemical peels are made up of  alpha hydroxy acids and beta hydroxy acids, and are used to remove the top layer of skin cells. This helps to regenerate healthy skin, and since Soak uses Face Reality’s chemical peels, the products were aligned with my home regimen products.

Because it was my first chemical peel at Soak – and only my second peel ever – she started with a fairly mild peel in case my skin had any adverse reactions. After applying the first layer, Melissa asked if I was experiencing any discomfort. I wasn’t – the peel felt a bit itchy, as though my face was drying after being moistened. It was tolerable; in fact, after a minute or two, I didn’t even notice. Melissa let the peel activate, then applied another application of the peel. Again, she checked in – my face felt a little itchy but not uncomfortably so. While she let the second layer work, she gave me an amazing neck and arm massage, and a heat wrap treatment for my feet.

By this point, I felt relaxed and thoroughly pampered. Melissa finished my skin treatment with SPF – sun protection is essential everyday, but especially after a peel.

At-home regimen adjustments

Another aspect of the scheduled treatments with Soak’s acne expert is evaluating my skin’s progress and adjusting my home-care routine accordingly. Melissa was happy with the progress my skin was making, and made only slight adjustments to my routine. Thankfully, she wrote down the changes – after the treatment, I was so relaxed I probably would have forgotten something.

I did a quick check of my products, and realized that following the instructions regarding product amounts to use is definitely important. My products were lasting longer than I anticipated, which was great – while I don’t mind spending money on high-quality skin care products that work, it is nice that the bottle sizes are generous and the product goes far.

Results after first month

Results for the second half of my first month on the acne regimen

After one month of following Soak’s acne treatment regimen, including a personalized skin treatment at the spa, my results were encouraging. I could tell that the regimen was making a difference in my acne – my skin was pushing out old toxins and acne that had already formed beneath the surface, but it was clearing rather quickly. My habits had adjusted to not reach for the drugstore spot treatments when a blemish erupted, and to reach for my ice when the impulse to pick at my face was too tempting.

Stay tuned for my next post, where I’ll recap my second month and share some tips I’ve picked up about things to keep in mind in the midst of this treatment program. In the meantime, reach out to the experts at Soak Spa to schedule your one-to-one consultation.