I didn’t even know……


I didn’t even know I needed a foot soak and massage.


Last week I had the opportunity to treat myself at Soak Spa & Foot Sanctuary. And that’s all that I thought it was – a treat. Nothing wrong with that, right? We all deserve it.


So, I made the appointment for the monthly foot soak special. It sounded lovely and relaxing, but I didn’t know what to expect beyond the description on the website;


“Bask in the aromas of your favorite coffee shop with our Vanilla Chai

Soak blend, featuring Epsom and sea salts, vanilla and coffee essential

oils, chai tea, coconut milk, honey, and calendula flowers. After indulging

In this delightful soak, ease sore muscles with 20 minutes of warming

hot stone massage on your feet and lower legs.”


Yes. Beautiful. Let’s do it.


Once I arrived and checked in with Ashley, Gretchen introduced herself and we made our way to the foot sanctuary. 

This is not an overstatement.

Who knew that right off of busy 287 in Ft. Collins could be an actual sanctuary?

It was like entering a different world.

The lighting is perfect, the aromatherapy is delicate and relaxing, the walls feature the work of a local artist, and the big copper soak bowls are stunning.


The foot soak was all ready for me, with flowers and cinnamon sticks floating in the perfectly hot water, which Gretchen was happy to adjust, but only after placing a warm neck towel around my shoulders, covering me with a blanket, and serving me a cup of tea.


So, I began to soak my tired feet. I didn’t even know they were tired and sore. 

Gretchen left me to enjoy the quiet space, and after just a few minutes, I felt the soles of my feet start to relax.

Then, I felt my entire body relax and melt into the chair and my surroundings.


20 minutes later (which felt like 20 seconds), Gretchen came back in to take the experience to the next level.

Hot stones.

20 minutes of these beautifully smooth, black stones that she used to massage my feet and lower legs.

I’m usually pretty chatty. I love talking to experts about what they do and what they love, And even though I wanted to learn about what Gretchen was doing, I kept losing my words, trailing off as she worked her magic on my muscles.


Eventually I was gently reminded that no, I could not live there, and my foot soak and massage time had come to an end. I had to leave the serene room and start to reenter reality. And even though that was disappointing, I was doing it in a much more blissed state-of-mind.


And now that I can think clearly, it all makes sense. Just like reflexology shows us, the body is represented by and connected to the feet. A hot foot soak increases your overall body temperature, which relaxes the muscles in your entire body, not just the feet. The addition of essential oils and all of those lovely ingredients that are added to the foot soak recipe are very intentional; they reduce inflammation, draw out toxins, ease stress….the list goes on. 


So, I didn’t even know I needed a foot soak with massage until I learned. And when we know better, we do better, right? I know my body needs and deserves to get rid of tension and toxins, and I learned what that can do for my mind and my muscles, my spirit and my body.