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August Specials

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August Foot Soak Special – 45 min – $59 ($65 Value)

This uplifting foot soak special features our “Into the Woods” soak blend, with 10 minutes of head, neck and shoulder massage followed by 10 minutes of foot and lower leg massage. The soak blend includes Epsom and sea salts; rosemary, eucalyptus and cedar wood essential oils along with eucalyptus and spearmint leaves.

Dermaplaning Treatment – 60 min – $81 ($90 Value)

Dermaplaning is performed by carefully exfoliating the outermost layer of the skin with a sterile blade. The process “shaves off” dead skin as well as the soft light-colored “vellus” hairs of the upper lip, chin, cheeks and sides of the face. You can expect to see an instant improvement in skin texture and tone, while the long-term effects are increased cell turnover, fewer wrinkles and dark spots, reduction of acne scarring, and the removal of fine facial hair. Skin is cleansed before dermaplaning treatment. A clay or hydrating facial mask will be applied based upon your skincare needs while enjoying an arm and hand massage treatment. Vitamin B & C serums, lip balm, moisturizer and sun protection will be applied.

Seasonal Sugar/Salt Scrub & Shea Butter Body Wrap Combo – 90 min – $150

This month’s featured seasonal scrub is a blend of sugar and honey powder, with invigorating ginger and orange essential oils. After gently exfoliating, the skin is rehydrated with an orange vanilla Shea butter wrap for that perfect summer glow.

Expires 8/31/2020

Call (970)377-9868 or go online at https://www.vagaro.com/soakskincarespa to book your appointment.

*Disclaimer: Specials for August will be available for purchase as gift certificates starting Wednesday, July 1, 2020 and may be redeemed for the selected special Saturday, August 1, 2020 through Wednesday, September 30, 2020. After this date the gift certificate is redeemable for the dollar amount spent.

*August Specials will not be available for purchase as gift certificates after Monday, August 31, 2020.

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