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Natural Sunscreen’s

Good For Your Skin Sunscreen Recipe


Did you know you can easily make 100% natural sunscreen at home for this summer? Many plant oils provide SPF as high as 50, and often even “natural” sunscreens contain zinc oxide and titanium dioxide.

While zinc oxide and titanium dioxide claim to be natural sunblock ingredients, they are not truly natural and are still chemical compounds. “It’s an ironic situation that in order to protect our skin from cancer, we started using sunscreen, but studies are now finding that using sunscreen may lead to an increased risk of cancer. This is due to a variety of reasons, including the fact that many sunscreens only block UVB rays (the good ones), and not UVA (the bad ones), creating a Vitamin D deficiency. Also, research is pointing to the fact that the Vitamin A and its derivatives that are used in many sunscreens turn toxic when exposed to the sun” according to Jessica Espinoza.

Avoiding the sun is just as dangerous as excessive exposure, and it’s important that everyone balance their sun , based on skin type and the environment we live in. If you aren’t comfortable venturing out into a sunny day without protection, don not use the toxin-laden over-the-counter sunscreen and make your own natural and safe sunscreen.

The sun is an enemy just as much as it is a friend – exposure to sunlight is necessary for the production of vitamin D that supports numerous bodily functions, but when limitations are abused, sun burn, skin damage, and even skin cancer can occur. For those who can’t control exposure to sunlight due to work or fun in the sun you are at risk for overexposure and the application of sunscreen is quite necessary. However, many of sunscreens available on the market are known to be dangerous to your health so the risk outweigh the benefits. Your skin is the largest organ of your body and absorbs whatever is applied to it.

For this reason, it is important to opt for a sunscreen that is as pure and natural as possible. There are many common oils that offer a natural source of SPF protection without the harmful toxins.

These include:

Red raspberry seed oil (SPF28-50), Cold Pressed Carrot seed oil (SPF38-40), Wheat germ oil (SPF20), Soybean oil (SPF10), Macadamia & Hemp seed oil (SPF6), and Jojoba, Sesame, Coconut oil, and Shea butter (SPF4). All lip balms with these ingredients give you some level of natural sun protection.

The following recipe allows you to enjoy the sun with a bright and healthy face.


1/ 2 ounce (~1/3 cup) dried St. John’s Wort

1/2 cup Cold Pressed Hazelnut Oil

1/2 cup Cold Pressed Apricot Kernel Oil

2 TBSP Shea Butter

1 oz Beeswax

3/4 oz Zinc Oxide


Place St. John’s Wort in a glass jar and cover it with the hazelnut and Apricot Kernel Oil and cover securely with lid. Put container in a pot with water and gently simmer mixture for about 2 hours. As the container cools, strain the herbs from the oil and discard the used herbs.

Using a glass jar gently reheat the oil with the shea butter and beeswax added, again in a water bath. When all oils and waxes have been melted together remove from heat and immediately whisk in the zinc oxide until thoroughly combined. Pour into a jar that has a wide mouth, for easy access and let cool at room temperature and uncovered. Once the sunscreen is completely solidified it is ready for use!

Recipe by Laura Cascardi from Golden Poppy Apothecary

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