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A renewed commitment to health and wellness is a natural element of this season.

It is a season of reflection and new energy. Emergence is in the air as we come out of the short, dark days into the brighter, sun-filled ones. 

For so many of us, that means a shift in perspective, of how we are living, and how we are treating our bodies. Gym memberships get activated, diet plans get researched, and a palpable excitement around care and love of health is everywhere.

But a commitment to health can and should encompass more than diet and exercise. True health stems from a comprehensive look at the mind and body, which is why the term “self-care” has become such a big part of modern language.

And it is one of the reasons upon which Soak Spa & Foot Sanctuary was founded. To practice a love of self-care, extending throughout our services, treatments, and the space that we have created.

This is not to say that a dedication to ourselves is easy. It most certainly is not. Life happens. Distractions happen. We get further away from that commitment we made after the holidays. 

What can help remind us that it is okay to take an hour for our health? What can remind us that it is essential to step away and ground back into your mind and body?

We asked ourselves these questions, and believe we can offer a way to bring this into your life.

Simple memberships.

Memberships of various levels that encompass our spa each month – 60 minutes, 75 or 90 minute massage and facial times, anti-aging, acne treatments, etc.

Memberships that ask no long-term commitment from our clients, just 30 days. 

The membership will seamlessly renew each month, unless you choose to freeze it, which we also offer for 60 days at a time.

And then there’s the really lovely pieces – the services and treatments, varying within the different levels:

Soak in Wellness

$65/month – Includes ONE of these services monthly

  • Signature Massage 60 min – $80 value
  • Energy Healing Session 60 min – $80 value
  • Signature Facial 60 min – $80 value
  • Face Reality Acne Treatment 60 min* – $80 value
  • Shea Butter Wrap or Seasonal Body Scrub 45 min – $75 value

*Only available for clients who have signed Face Reality program contracts.

Submerge in Relaxation

$85/month – Includes ONE of these services monthly, plus your choice of ONE massage or facial enhancement

  • Signature Massage 75 min – $100 value
    • Hot Stone Enhancement – $15 value
    • Body Aromatherapy Enhancement – $15 value
  • Energy Healing Session 90 min* – $115 value
  • Deep Cleanse Facial 75 min – $100 value
    • Collagen Eye Enhancement – $15 value
    • Collagen Lip Enhancement – $15 value

*Includes 15 minute consultation

Saturate in Tranquility

$115/month – Includes ONE of these services monthly, plus your choice of TWO massage enhancements or ONE facial enhancement and program perks

  • Signature Massage 90 min – $120 value
    • Body Aromatherapy Enhancement – $15 value
    • Hot Stone Enhancement – $15 value
    • Scalp Energizer – 10 min – $15 value
    • Hand or Foot Scrub – 10 min – $15 value
    • Extended Face and Scalp Massage – 15 min – $15 value
    • Foot Soak Enhancement – 15 min – $15 value
  • Energy Healing Session 120 min* – $150 value
  • Hydrating Facial 90 min**  – $135 value
    • Collagen Eye Enhancement – $15 value
    • Collagen Lip Enhancement – $15 value
  • Advanced Skin Treatment with Signature Facial – $130 value:
    • Choose one – Microdermabrasion, Ultrasonic, Dermaplaning, or Chemical Peel
      • Collagen Eye Enhancement – $15 value
      • Collagen Lip Enhancement – $15 value
  • Seasonal Body Scrub and Shea Butter Wrap – $150 value
  • Seaweed Wrap 90 min***  – $150 value

*Includes 15 min Breathe or Meditation foot soak enhancement and 15 min consultation

**Includes 15 min Peaceful foot soak enhancement

*** Includes 15 min detoxifying foot soak enhancement


All Levels of Membership Include:

  • $65 Gift Certificate: Members may purchase ONE gift certificate per month at $65 to be redeemed by a friend or family member for a Signature 60 minute service.
  • 10% off all retail products (excluding ProCell and Sculplla products)
  • 15% off all additional services received by the member. Discount may not be combined with any other discounts or monthly specials.

Intentional, affordable memberships. That was our goal, and we truly believe that any of these choices would be a beautiful addition to your self-care goals. 

Here’s to the year 2020, full of love and light, and, of course, spa!

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