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Microblading: Introductory Offer

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Microblading, First Session | 2 hrs – $350 ($475 Value)

Microblading is a manual method of cosmetic tattooing, it is performed using a very fine sterile hand held tool to deposit pigment into the epidermis. A form of tattoo artistry that inserts pigment into the skin to mimic hair-like strokes. Complimentary consultations are available and encouraged. Consultations required with any existing permanent makeup. Price includes one touch up 4-6 weeks after procedure.

Call (970)377-9868 or go online at https://www.vagaro.com/soakskincarespa to book your appointment.

*Disclaimer: Microblading Special will be valid for all first time clients that book and receive their service by Monday, December 31, 2018. After this date, the price will be $475 for all first time sessions. All pricing, including touch-ups, will be listed at https://www.vagaro.com/soakskincarespa/services

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