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Healing Touch

Nothing is as healing as the human touch.

It has been known for centuries, verified by science, and prescribed by doctors and healers of all types. With a comforting touch, brain patterns change, the body relaxes, and endorphins are released. We don’t comfort a loved one from a distance – we embrace them or hold a hand. It is natural to want to rub a sore muscle or to kiss the scraped knee of a child.

Touch is a necessity of life, and without it, we as humans cannot experience true wellness. The benefits are immense, and include:

Decrease anxiety
Increase in white blood cells (immunity)
Lower blood pressure
Increase endorphins
Increase quality of sleep

As our spa looks at the whole body-mind connection for wellness, touch plays an important role in our services. A safe, healer’s intention is set with each service, from massage to facial to energy work.
We have many healing-touch services available, including:

Myofascial Release
Reiki / Energy Balancing

And….a lot of these services are included in our memberships, making it convenient and affordable for you to commit to this level of wellness.
Everyone’s journey to peace and wellness looks different, yet all should include the healing power of touch.

Be well.

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