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Have You Ever Experienced a Couples Massage?


Have you ever experienced a couple’s massage?

A massage with the added benefit of sharing the space and the energy with a loved one, a friend, a partner.
It is a unique massage, one that gives all of the benefits of a classic service, yet feels energetically connected to whomever you choose to join.

My first couple’s massage happened to be with my partner, and our appointment was scheduled for two days before Christmas. We needed a moment to relax and connect through the chaos of the season, enjoy something together, yet still have serenity and personal peace.
We were led into a joined room by our individual therapists and were given the choice to have the doors between the rooms closed or open. We chose to leave them open, but the option to have as much privacy in respect to comfort level is always available.
And just like throughout the rest of the spa and treatment rooms, the environment in the couple’s suite sets the intention for calm and rest and wellness. The lighting is soft, the massage tables are perfectly warm, the essence of harmony and healing carries on through every detail.

Our massages, individually, were amazing. Clint was my therapist, and this was my first time having a male massage therapist. With several massages under my belt, I can honestly say this was the highest quality experience that I’ve had – both in technique and results. Clint was a true professional and understands the mechanics of the body, along with aligning to his client’s needs, so completely, that I was both so relaxed and so energized with the healing that he was able to deliver.
And, to my surprise, having my partner just a few feet away was not a distraction. Most of the time I forgot that he was there! Instead, it became a heightened sense of participation in joy.
And now that I’ve been a part of a couple’s massage, I can see how it would so very lovely for any dynamic – romantic partners, mother & daughter, father & son, best friends. The opportunities for sharing this are endless.
If you’re ready, or have a few more questions, anyone at Soak Spa & Foot Sanctuary can help answer questions, and maybe even get you scheduled for a Valentine’s Day treat!
Love to all, and be well……

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