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Featured Artist: Beverly Endsley

Please welcome Soak Spa’s newest featured artist!

Beverly’s art will be featured from now through July 2019. Her art is a beautiful mix of portrait, still life, landscapes, and animal-life that will truly move your soul.

About Beverly Endsley

Born in Houston, Texas, Beverly has used the time she has spent living in the east, Austin, Texas, Santa Fe and Colorado to explore differing styles of art. She has studied with such masters as Quang Ho, David Leffel, Mark Nelson, Kevin Weckbach, Sherri McGraw and numerous other artists to pursue her love of oils, watercolors and sketching.

Beverly was raised in Texas and had started drawing and creating at a young age.  Her mom did sculpting on a non-professional basis and was very supportive of her interests.  As an adult, Beverly continued drawing and painting while becoming an Interior Designer.  She had her own design company for over 25 years and was involved in projects all over the states.

About 20 years ago Beverly decided that it was time to pursue her art full-time.

Beverly began her career in painting with landscapes, still life, and people.  Most were in watercolor, but later turned to oil paints.  With her passion for animals, Beverly turned her brush towards capturing that individual spirit that lives in each creature, big or small.

While she still enjoys painting people and still life, animals are where Beverly currently has her heart.  Commissions are always welcomed.

Beverly can be contacted at facebook.com/BeverlyEndsley/timeline or visit his website at www.beverlyendsley.com

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