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Detox Brew Foot Soak with Massage

copper basin with water, dried fruit and herbs

What?? A BREW foot soak??


Normally, our footsoaks are full of flowers and lovely essential oils, but we wanted to harness the power of a different set of natural ingredients that are equally healing and magical.

Hence, the Detox Brew Foot Soak was conceived for our March Foot Soak Special. Blended with a mix of hops, brewers’ yeast, and malted barley, these natural ingredients are just as powerfully healing as the other foot soaks, just a little more unique!

So, why did we choose hops, brewers’ yeast, and malted barley? This beautiful combination does a lot more than brew a popular St. Patrick’s Day beverage. It also makes a foot soak at Soak Spa & Foot Sanctuary a luxurious experience, and here’s why…….

Many studies have been done around the healing properties of hops. With high levels of flavonoids, hops are proven to have the powerhouse combination of antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-bacterial abilities. All of these, and more, make hops a brilliant assistant in sleep, anxiety, tension, and more.

Vitamins are abundant in this special yeast. High levels of all of the skin-nourishing B’s invigorate the system, while pulling toxins out through a foot soak. Folic acid and Biotin are abundant, along with chromium, which also provides the body with energy and nutrients. All together, Brewers’ Yeast is the perfect restorative addition to this blend.

This little grain has the most impressive list of “spa benefits”, as it has the ability to revitalize the whole of our hair and skin. With collagen-building compounds for anti-aging, and Vitamin C, Zinc, and antioxidants for healing, this ingredient is a potent force. Just a few of the healing properties of Malted Barley include: Improved skin elasticity, cell regeneration, improved digestion, skin tone, healthy hair, and so much more.

This unique foot soak was intentionally created with ingredients to revitalize and refresh. Along with the 20 minute head, neck, and shoulder massage, the March Detox Brew experience will relax and charge the mind, body, and soul. Perfect for March, the brewed concoction is the zen way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, while the eucalyptus, pine, and lemon essential oils used for the massage and soak clear away spring-time congestion.

Call Soak Spa & Foot Sanctuary to enjoy this limited soak: https://www.vagaro.com/soakskincarespa/services

March 17th might be a good day for an appointment…..;)

Be well.

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