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December’s Seasonal Foot Soaks: Sole Joy and Mistletoe

Mistletoe foot soak in copper basinEach month, we create unique foot soak recipes as part of our monthly specials. Designed to fit seasonal themes, these soaks blend essential oils with dried fruits and/or herbs, salt, and hot water in our large copper basins. These monthly soak specials also incorporate a massage that is typically focused on a combination of head, neck, shoulder, lower legs, and feet.

December Soaks

Our December foot soak specials offer two different recipes, designed to meet different needs during the winter season.

Sole Joy

“Sole Joy” is a 60-minute soak that includes 20 minutes of head, neck and shoulder massage, 20 minutes of lower leg and foot massage, and a peppermint hot cocoa foot scrub. The peppermint helps to ease tension and muscle pains, while the cocoa offers antioxidants, reduced inflammation and improved circulation. The recipe is designed to soothe aching feet – perfect after a day of preparing for the holidays!


“Mistletoe” is a 45-minute soak that includes 10 minutes of lower leg and foot massage, 10 minutes of head, neck and shoulder massage, and our Winter Woods foot soak recipe. This recipe combines a cranberry chutney tea with rooibos, elderberry and currants; dried pine needles, dried orange slices and currants; and cinnamon and pine essential oils. The elderberry, cranberry, currants, and pine have immune-boosting properties – important during cold and flu season. Cinnamon is an antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant essential oil that helps to dilate blood vessels, improving circulation. Pine essential oil helps heal skin complaints; it is an antioxidant as well, with properties that help alleviate dry and itchy skin.

Foot Soak Experience

There are many benefits of soaking your feet. To learn more about these benefits and the history of foot soaks, read our recent blog post. Our December foot soak specials offer an opportunity to reconnect and recharge during the busy holiday season.

Take advantage of the tranquil ambiance of our foot sanctuary. While your feet rest in the hot water and seasonal blend, enjoy a cup of our soothing ginger tea or a glass of lemon water. A warm flax seed/rice aromatherapy pack will be draped around your neck, and we have blankets available if needed. Quiet music and sounds of nature will play in the background, encouraging you to relax and reflect without distraction. Our diffuser will gently disburse an aromatherapy blend of essential oils; the soft lighting and flickering candles in the room will create a peaceful environment. As the water in the basin cools, your soak provider will add hot water to ensure your feet are toasty warm.

At Soak Spa and Foot Sanctuary, we’re focused on providing a nurturing, healing, and relaxing space. Book your appointment now for one of our December foot soak specials, or buy one as a holiday gift for someone who needs pampering.

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