February is for Love…


February is for Love…

As is everyday, but with Valentine’s Day being February 14th, we celebrate love in all of it’s beautiful forms this month.

Throughout history and still within psychology today, seven types of love have been studied by experts within both the soft and hard sciences. But, you don’t have to be an expert to know when you’re experiencing the magic of love…

The 7 Types of Love

Eros – Passionate, Romantic
Philia – Friendship, Goodwill
Storge – Familial, Parent & Child
Agape – Universal
Ludus – Playful
Pragma – Practical
Philautia – Self-Love

Valentine’s Day is about celebrating all of these loves, and Soak Spa & Foot Sanctuary has an option for any and all. Suggestions include…..

Romance – Couple’s Oasis – 90 minutes
* lavender & rose foot soak, followed by a 75 min. massage

Friendship – Peaceful Foot Soak Package – 45 minutes
*pink himalayan salt, along with lavender & rose essential oils, dried flower petals, & 20 min lower leg or neck & shoulder massage

Familial – Mom-to-be massage – 90 minutes
* alleviate pregnancy stress and the strain on back, joints,
legs, and neck
Universal – Signature massage – 90 minutes
*a balanced combination of restorative and relaxing
techniques, offering a sense of peace and restoration

Playful – Couples Body Scrub & Shea Butter Wrap – 90 mins
* restore and hydrate skin with this luxurious head-to-toe

Practical – Soak the Aches Away – 45 minutes
* foot soak w/ epsom & sea salts, baking soda, Shea
butter, cardamom pods, ginger & carrot essential oils

Self-Love – Soak Spa Day – 5 hours
*90 minute signature massage w/ hot stone enhancement,
90 minute facial w/ collagen lip & eye treatments, sugar
Scrub, Shea body wrap, Peaceful foot soak

Suggestions for all types and varieties of love……
But really, any spa service, either for yourself or someone else, is an act of love. Soak Spa & Foot Sanctuary can help you choose the perfect service, bringing peace and wellness to the 7 loves of your life.
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