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5 Foolproof Ways to Hydrate Your Skin Through the Winter

It’s the holiday season! The lights! The music! The dead, dry, flaky skin!

Okay, so that last one wasn’t something we get too excited about. Winter brings about all kinds of excitement: ski and snowboard season, the holidays, vacations, end-of-year bonuses…and unfortunately, it can also signal the season for dull, flaking, chafing skin. Between the increase of forced, recirculated air through the heating systems in our homes, offices and cars and the incredibly cold, incredibly dry air outside, the winter season packs all sorts of excitement for our skin that we’re not too…well, excited about. Is it possible to keep your glow going through the coldest, driest time of the year? Can your complexion outshine the holiday lights around town?

The answer to both of these is, of course, a resounding yes! And keeping your skin healthy and glowing through the winter comes down to one major part of your skincare routine: hydration. Hydration is what keeps skin firm and plump, and also soft and supple. So how can you best keep your skin hydrated through this season, when it seems like everything in your life is dedicated to sucking all of the moisture out of you? Here are our top five go-to tips for beautiful, well-hydrated skin all winter long:

1) Go lukewarm when you wash

A hot bath or shower feels wonderful, but hot water can strip your skin. Wash instead in lukewarm water to avoid scalding that top layer right off.

2) Apply moisturizer immediately

Putting moisturizer on immediately following a shower or bath, or after washing your face, helps lock it into place. Moisturizer + damp skin = better absorption into your skin. We love Auspect Skin Care’s Hydrate Plus moisturizer: it’s great for day or night use, gentle enough for all skin types, and delivers a nourishing cocktail of high-powered nutrients to help even and brighten your skin tone.

3) Limit -but don’t stop!- exfoliation

Exfoliation is an important part of skincare year-round, but you should be exfoliating less frequently during the winter. It’s still important to do so, in order to help slough off those dead skin cells, but it shouldn’t be a part of your routine as often as it is during the summertime. Auspect’s Exfol + serum is perfect for winter exfoliation; it includes Alpha Hydroxy Acids to help shed cells without being overly harsh on your skin.

4) Change up your cleanser

Cleansers are meant to be seasonal, and switching to a gentler one for the winter can work wonders for your skin. The cleanser you use during the summertime is probably a little too harsh for your winter skin, and unnecessarily thorough. Gentle Clean by Auspect Skin Care is our go-to for winter cleansing: its all-natural ingredient profile removes dirt and makeup without irritation, and it also includes Vegetable Glycerin to help lock in moisture and Canadian Willowherb for an antioxidant boost.

5) Stay well-nourished and hydrated on the inside, too

What you put in your body is going to show through your skin: it’s your largest organ, and often most responsive to internal changes. Your nutrition and hydration, then, are essential to a glowing complexion. Make sure you drink plenty of water -the recommendation is 6-10 glasses a day, though each person’s individual requirements do vary- as well as lots of fruits and vegetables. Fruits and veggies are a great way to increase your water intake without having to gulp down glass after glass: their high water content makes them great sources of hydration, and their nutrition profile means you’ll be filling up on vital, delicious nutrients.

Auspect Skin Care is our product line of choice, and we’re absolutely positive that we can find a combination that will work wonders for your skin. In addition to their use of innovative, medically proven therapies, Auspect Skin Care pledges to only use ethically sourced, pure and natural ingredients in their products. Contact us to schedule an appointment today and let us work wonders for your skin!

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